Friday, October 23, 2015

Post 5 - Music/Sound Exploration Game - Recording sound

I have a background in music, which was part of my interest in making this game, so I have been tasked with creating the sounds in the game. I play drums and guitar and also have a somewhat working knowledge of electronics and have a couple circuit bent instruments. I have been working in Audacity to create some sounds for the game. I have mostly been working with atmospheric and ethereal sounds so far as I want to get a sense of the overall atmosphere of the game before working on specific sounds. I want the game to change someone's mood while playing so I've been wanting to create some dreamlike sounds, I have been making heavy use of some editing effects especially the pitch and time shift controls. I will begin implementing these in the game as well as recording more.

Post 4 - Music Exploration Game - Creating the Environment

After a few weeks of going through the Unity tutorials I felt comfortable enough to begin creating the environment for the player to explore. I looked into how to procedurally generate terrain so I wouldn't have to create complex landscapes by hand. This will also allow me to focus more time on getting sounds in the game rather than 3D modeling. I also figure out how to add trees procedurally and hopefully I can soon add other elements like rocks and grass. I have given some thought to the aesthetic of the game and would like to try something low poly in the vein of Journey

I was able to create a test environment that the player can walk around in, I also created wind to make the world more lifelike. I will continue to work on the aesthetic of the environment as well as begin implementing sounds. I want the sounds to be unexpected, such as the wind through leaves is a guitar sound. Hopefully by adding sounds in a formulaic way to the coding, they will begin to play off each other rhythmic. Unfortunately I have been having trouble with bugs and implementing sounds and need more time with the program.

Post 3 - Music Exploration Game - Unity Tutorials

I have started working in Unity and learning the basics and coding from Lynda tutorials. Unity is an industry standard program and Darius and I have been interested in getting into it for a while and this project has given me a reason to. We began working through the 2D tutorial since it was the most basic, neither of us had coding experience or used Unity before. We created a side scrolling game that generated obstacles and destroyed them once of the screen.

Post 2 - Music Exploration Game Project - Inspiration and direction

I have been watching Daniel Cook's talk on game design and theory. I have realized that my game will be most effective as either a first or third person experience, preferably on console, or at least using a console controller.
His chart on loops show how the exploration itself needs to be the objective that keeps players playing. The sound has to create a unique experience and must also be different each time a player picks it up.

I also attempted to contact Thom Judson, an artist featured in the Clicks and Pops show on campus. He is practicing at the nexus of where art and games meet. I was interest to hear his insights into this largely under-explored art medium. I am awaiting a response.

Post 1 - Music Game Project Concept

For my project I am interested in working in Unity to create a video game. More specifically, a game that deals with sound and music. Since Darius's idea and mine are similar we have decided to collaborate.

I was inspired by games like Seaquence, Impulse, Auditorium, and Incredibox (links below). I like how these games make music and sound accessible and fun without being overly complex or in jeopardy of playing anything "wrong".
The essence of my idea is a game that provides a unique experience to the player without necessarily having objective based game play. The player should be immersed in the audio of the game and be allowed to explore the world, and find new things whenever they play.

Seaquence -
Impulse -
Auditorium -
Incredibox -