Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project 6: Digital Modeling

For project 6 I had no idea what to model so I just picked a few random things that were lying around my room. The items are headphones, a CD case, a guitar pedal, and my iPhone. All of these items are music related and as such have some importance to me. The significance of the items I used are the headphones remind me of jamming and recording in the garage in high school. The pedal was the first one I ever bought and If you're a guitar player you know that an overdrive is the "solo" pedal. The CD is Deafheaven's Sunbather which in my opinion is the best album of 2013, and I modeled the phone pretty much only because it was in front of me.

For my single object, I modeled an amplifier tube. They are basically what makes guitar amps sound louder and fuller. I thought the shape was interesting and didn't necessarily choose it for any sentimental value. This item was much harder to model than any of the objects in the collage since most of the detail is inside of the object.